Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm gonna go all out and post the email

Oh Robs, you’re so cute. You’ve won me over (again). That painting was considerably more detailed than the last one, you’re getting better. I say yes, let’s go out again. What do you want to do this weekend?

This is the coolest thing since... well, last time I dated her.
more on later...


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My blog has just hit 1000 hits... that means people have looked at this page 1007 times as I speak.
In celebration, I have put together this joyus song:
(to the tune of deck the halls)
chorus: fuck you im not singing

im not going to sing
fuck that
Bush eats babies
im still not singing

the next billboard hit... number one!

School is officially started... so much chaos

Well, the school year has begun, and I am already praying for the weekend... only 2 days!
reasons weekends rock-
-i havent really had one in 2 weeks, so busy!
-Im looking forward to a date this weekend with Ivy
-3 days of pure mayhem, and the Toys to Kings Bomb! (Im me at robfanmail for more info)
Kids at school that I chillax with...
-Dylan-This funny dude who has my kind of chillaxed, baby-gobblin' style of comedy. We complement eachother.
-Alex Buck-I know... he sounds like buxbaum but He's a completely different, cool individual
-Alex (girl)-this cool tomboyish girl who i hang with on occasion. She is friends w/ ian and is pissed at Frodo, cuz of his online cartoon where he grabbed a characters boobs, and we all knew that the character was a cyber-version of alex.
-Jen-this girly-girl who i hang out with... but she's way too into being popular...
-Ben-this child genious, at age 13, going into calculus... He's not nerdy though, just a smart, funny dude.
-ian-a superhyperactive version of me. He is into getting a hoodie of one color (like my blue one) and wearing that jacket all year round, rain or shine. Friends with Frodo.
-Frodo-This curly haired kid who is friends w/ Ian
Thats all for now

and on a more serious note,
There are some people that I know who are going though a rough time, wether it be love, alcoholism, or a recent death...
I wish them the best of luck in these hard times, because when people are all around me being sad, It depresses me to know thhat these people are going through some of the hardest times in their lives, and I can only seem to watch from the sidelines, and either dare try to help or simply sit in the stands... so I hope that you guys are alright...I will help you guys (and you know who you are) that are questioning where your life will take you.... So peace and love for all, because thats what really matters in this world...
-Robby the ruiner of until now un-serious blogs...
Now to cheer yall up... SKEET SKEET SKEEEEEEEEET!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Due to popular demand...

Evrybody who has seen my blog has asked me why I haven't written about Ivy yet.
but for all my devoted fans *cough* I will tell you. So Ivy is this really cool, hot chick who I used to date but then i split up with and Im not sure why now...
But anyways, I asked my informant mariah i f she would go out with me, because I have liked her for the wole summer. now it seems that a date is in the cards... Awesome : )
on a darker note, There was a nasty rumor running around that Ivy was going out w/ me to make mariah and sebastian not be all alone on dates... I wont secify where the rumor came from, cuz Im not sure. but it's not true and in the past

well, today I am typing from my school computer... it sucks. I hope that I don't have to use these decaying piles of crap for4 years (they're dells)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Camping trip

so we went off to go on a camping trip to learn about eachother.
the hike in was an uphill nightmare.
so was the hike out.
wait... what? The way there and the way back were both uphill? thats impossible!
we went in one way and went out another way. So we could have just gone downhill both times, but apparently the staff didn't realize that.
so we get peanut butter and shit sandwiches, and make camp.
Im woth this perv named Ben or something, but everybody calls him Frodo. every other thing he says is about boobs. he has never had a GF.
kid number 2 is his friend Ian. Smaller, not a perv, likes to bite.
kids 3-5 are foreign kids, I didnt even attemt contact.
kids 6 and 7 are nerds.
thats my tent.. the other tents had the same basic assortment.
thats a lot of nerds and foriegn kids... maybe there will be a gang war.
I then go to dinner, trick this girl into thinking I speak Armenian and start rambling gibberish, and she's like, "Thats hot".
eat a turkey burger, almost barf, as the turkey burger was having an epic battle with the tang I ingested earlier inside of meh belly. The Tang starts to lose, so I give it a liter of reinforcements.
at night we do this ritual where we have to step over a line to answer a question, but the line is long, so its more of a walk of shame to the other side, dempending on the question.
questions I said yes to-
-are you white
-do you pretend not to know your parents.
-all sorts of stupid shit like that.
no to-
-do you want to go to athenian
(yeah, I was the only one not to cross the line it was awesome.
the next day we chill at the beach, go bodysurfing in fucking freezing water, trying to check out chicks and catch the 3 foot waves. i did both with much sucsess.
then that night we had a bonfire (not really, it was like 2 feet tall) with no adults and just the seniors. At a public school this would either result in war or an orgy.
we all sit down
the seniors take meaningless questiuons for a while, then get to the meat of the discussion... real high school crap.
here is a chart of what we said
question----answer----my take on it
How do we get laid here----when the time happens, it happens, if you feel comfortable with the person...----you don't.
does Dee have one testicle----that is a umor that has been floating around several schools in the area, and it is not true...----yes.
crap like that.

Monday, August 22, 2005

so this first day. I went there on a long bus ride full of kids that were to shy to really chat with me. so i chill until we get there.

first thing i see when i walk in- girls. lots of girls. a few hot ones, but mostly just average chicks, with big brains apparently. so I am like, I like this place! already.

so then I see the guys sitting at another table, and there are no fine dudes. I realize that now im considered cute compared to these guys. so life is good. I could see myself here for a year or two.

So then I start talking to some guy about some sport or crap, and the leader walks in, and says, bagels are to your left, I (being a public school kid‚ ask how much thaey cost. he laughs, thinking I am joking. i put 3 in my pocket to last the day.

So then I look across the room and see it-a coke dispenser. but not the put-in-a-dollar-and-pray king, the kind that runs free like a stream of carbonated, high fructose joy. I learn that it is always available at lunch, along with 3 types of tea, 4 other sodas, milk, juice, mineral water, and some lemonade. Hell Yeah!

I finish my first bagel.

some stupid skit hting, i meet a chick named sarah who I thought was goth, but turned out to just be a cool person who happened to like wearing black on a hot day.

my second bagel is now finished.

The final activity of the day, a scavenger hunt I dont get. So this senior (this cool asian senior who is relly truthful) tells me the real dirt on the school. she has been there for SIX FRICKIN YEARS, and somehow dosen't despise it. alrigh, this is okay, or maybe she is just constantly stoned all school year, cuz this place looks stressful.

My mom is (of course) stuck in traffic, so i talk to this really cool girl about the school and talk to her for like an hour. she gives me her phone number.
I finish my final bagel, which i am sure represents something but Im way too lazy to find out.
7x more land than king
1x more year
5x less people
2x less cool
cost: 26,000 dolars.
now before you start to gasp at how much this sucks, look at these figures:
all that up there: -10 cool points
coke machine: +7 cool points

so its really okay. hell, im not paying!
signed but not really, Robby.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

robs first blog

hello, this is my first blog post.