Friday, August 26, 2005

Camping trip

so we went off to go on a camping trip to learn about eachother.
the hike in was an uphill nightmare.
so was the hike out.
wait... what? The way there and the way back were both uphill? thats impossible!
we went in one way and went out another way. So we could have just gone downhill both times, but apparently the staff didn't realize that.
so we get peanut butter and shit sandwiches, and make camp.
Im woth this perv named Ben or something, but everybody calls him Frodo. every other thing he says is about boobs. he has never had a GF.
kid number 2 is his friend Ian. Smaller, not a perv, likes to bite.
kids 3-5 are foreign kids, I didnt even attemt contact.
kids 6 and 7 are nerds.
thats my tent.. the other tents had the same basic assortment.
thats a lot of nerds and foriegn kids... maybe there will be a gang war.
I then go to dinner, trick this girl into thinking I speak Armenian and start rambling gibberish, and she's like, "Thats hot".
eat a turkey burger, almost barf, as the turkey burger was having an epic battle with the tang I ingested earlier inside of meh belly. The Tang starts to lose, so I give it a liter of reinforcements.
at night we do this ritual where we have to step over a line to answer a question, but the line is long, so its more of a walk of shame to the other side, dempending on the question.
questions I said yes to-
-are you white
-do you pretend not to know your parents.
-all sorts of stupid shit like that.
no to-
-do you want to go to athenian
(yeah, I was the only one not to cross the line it was awesome.
the next day we chill at the beach, go bodysurfing in fucking freezing water, trying to check out chicks and catch the 3 foot waves. i did both with much sucsess.
then that night we had a bonfire (not really, it was like 2 feet tall) with no adults and just the seniors. At a public school this would either result in war or an orgy.
we all sit down
the seniors take meaningless questiuons for a while, then get to the meat of the discussion... real high school crap.
here is a chart of what we said
question----answer----my take on it
How do we get laid here----when the time happens, it happens, if you feel comfortable with the person...----you don't.
does Dee have one testicle----that is a umor that has been floating around several schools in the area, and it is not true...----yes.
crap like that.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger guest said...

Robby you are truely one of my crazier friends, which is saying a lot cause most of my friends are pretty nutty.
We will miss you at BHS. If Athenian sux it's cause u ditched us for it.(lol)


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