Thursday, September 01, 2005

school update

so... at schhol today I learned about "bus politics" the seniors sit furhter back, and the lower your grade the closer to the door. i sit at the very end, fuck seniors. So then I threw a bean at a senior who was giving me dirty looks at lunch.
Then i lookk at my pants...
wore the wrong pants.. these are so short they look like fucking Capris. I quickly whip out some scissors and turn them into ghetto shorts. Me and Ian then put the pant legs on our heads and start yelling in class at eachother.
I feel like i'm not really myself...
these kids don't know about certian qualities i hide due to my fear of discrimination...
and I feel like half a person sometimes. They don't know about some bad shit i've done.
to them im the kinda clumsy kid who don't give a shit about seniors and who chooses to chill with the unpoular kids, the kid who chugged the soy sauce at lunch and made his own fucking shorts... who dosen't give a fuck about what they think because his real friends who would actually care for me If I was sick are all going to berkely high.


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