Thursday, December 08, 2005

25 q

1. my activism, kaite as a friend, Kenzi, and my art
2. all of the stupid shit I did in eighth grade
3. Ah, me going dumb waaay too much
4. Gulliver Boland
5. Ooh, well there’s Not So Silent night like tomorrow, it’s all about streetlight maifesto and bright eyes, le tigre, mars volta…
6. facial stuff, and my occasional comments that can be offensive
7. 1. Kenzi 2.Not fucking up at the concert 3. freshman- Senior bonding weekend
8. my life, with kenzie, ivy break, GSA, YES conference, it’s fucking awesome
9. Gulliver, I wanted to talk about Zion-I
10. 1. MATT VALDERIOS 2. all the school shit 3.FInALS
11. matt right now
12. a hot movie
13. the whole self conciosness thing
14. GSA, and all this other life stuff
15. Enough to pass, like a B
16. I love the romantic prospects, and screw academics
17. Art
18. Some low end shit job, or murals
19. gender studies, more classes with michelle and kerber
20. graphic designer, chef
21. People thinking I am too “bad”
22. me not making it to college.
23. Kenzie Morsion-Knox, Katie Taylor, Camille Greenen, Emily
24. Camille Greenan, Makenzie Morison-Knox, Zahara
25. US Santa Cruz, graphic/ Culinary school


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